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Posted by Joe on 3/15/2012 to Love
When you love as Jesus wants you to love, you feel at peace and give others the gift of peace. Jesus wants you to love others as you love yourself. So as long as you take care of others, you take care of yourself.

Love is caring for others as you would want to be cared for. Love is thinking of others before thinking of yourself. It's about looking outside of yourself to find how giving can not only benefit others but in turn, benefit you. Giving love is receiving love.

For a moment, this about all the people in your life that love you. How does that feel to you? Does it make you feel good? Does it gives you sense of relief and relaxation? What if you could have more of that? It's possible but it doesn't come from you doing nothing. It means you have to love more.

The more you love others, the more they love you and the more you love yourself. You don't feel good when you don't love. You feel volatile and restless. Loving gives you a sense of peace, hopefulness and well-being.

Think about people you love and what that does for them and for you. Think about loving more people in just the same way and how those feelings can be extended to so many more people.

It feels good to provide people with the most important feeling in our life - love. Don't restrict your abilities to care for and help those in need of love. Don't allow yourself to turn away. Instead, open your arms, invite them in and give them the love they need and want from you.

This is what God has done and this is what he wants you to do. Take his advice and you shall be rewarded with emotional health.
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