Are you hoping to make a statement about your faith wherever you go? Check our Agape Gear Christian accessories collection. All of our high-quality accessories are designed to boldly declare the word of truth. These items can spur conversations with those around you, opening doors so that you can share your faith.

Not only can you be a witness by choosing Agape Gear accessories, but you can also remind yourself of your true purpose in life. The Scripture verses on our accessories can help you to stay closer to God as you meditate of the truths of His Word. These Christian accessories can also help you commit important Bible verses to memory as you see them throughout the day.

Are you a youth pastor looking for matching baseball caps for your mission team? Are you a Sunday school teacher searching for a motivational prize for your students? Are you a teen hoping to reach your friends with the truth of God's Word? We have hats, jewelry, handbags, Bible covers, tote bags and other Christian items that can help you and others reach people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our Christian items are not boring, dull or tacky. Our team of graphic designers created fabulous, stylish works of art featuring God's word. All of our accessories seek to prove that the Word of God is not old and out of date. We want our products to show that the Scriptures are relevant for anyone of any generation, race or walk of life.

Young people are looking for a faith that is genuine. They do not want their walk with the Lord to be confined to a few hours on Sunday mornings. These fabulous accessories can help teens and others proclaim their beliefs throughout the week wherever life takes them.
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